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Stair rail supports

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Where a stud wall, or weak wall surface, prevents safe attachment of a stair handrail, stair rail supports from Ramps For Access provide an alternative handrail fixing solution.

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Product Description

Fixing firmly to the stair tread, the stair rail support is attached to the handrail via a swivel bracket. It suits all stair gradients and can also be fitted around corners and half landings. Being height adjustable, the stair rail support can support people of all heights and weights. Its unique swan neck design also prevents hands from being pinched against the wall. Simple to install and remove, stair rail supports from Ramps For Access minimise disruption to the home. They’re also easy to store and refurbish for reuse, helping budgets go further and making them kinder to the environment.


  • Adjustable height 33in to 47 ½in (840mm to 1200mm)
  • Swivel bracket for easy handrail fixing
  • 2½in (65mm) swan neck design for safer handhold
  • 8in x 2¾in (70mm x 200mm) base plate for solid stair tread fixing
  • High-quality all-steel construction