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Ramps for Access Approach to Covid–19

At Powerguards Ramping, we have carefully considered our approach to the Coronavirus, especially in relation to our elderly and/or disabled customers who by that very nature, are already considered vulnerable.

Our aim is to continue to provide essential services to our customers and to protect our teams. Therefore, we have implemented the following strategy to prevent the spread of the virus and to allow us to continue to provide the standard of service our clients have come to expect.

Site surveys and ramp fittings

  • Appointments are always made and confirmed, in advance, via telephone/email before we visit any property.
  • We will always check with the client to ensure they are happy for us to visit and advise them that it is not necessary for them to be home or to come out of the house whilst we complete our work.
  • We will maintain a clear audit trail of all operatives including sub-contractors who visit customers’ homes. This is for the purpose of contact tracing should it be required in the future.
  • Our surveyors/fitters are to wash their hands and use the hand sanitizer provided regularly during the day.
  • Our operatives will wipe down any tools and instruments before and after any work.
  • They will remove and place into a plastic bag any wipes and disposable gloves used.

Please note that if our operative(s) feel unsafe or at risk at any point, they will undertake a personal risk assessment and leave the premises if necessary. We will contact you to re-plan for a future date if appropriate, after ensuring everything is made safe

Personal hygiene

All internal and external staff are directed to wash their hands in accordance with the Government guidance.

  • Washing hands thoroughly with hot water for about 20 seconds.
  • If you sneeze, catch it and bin it
  • Use the antibacterial wipes/gels provided

As we are all now operating in an unchartered era with new instructions and directions being implemented regularly, we will continue to monitor the Government advice and change behavioural and operating instructions as quickly as the new advice becomes public.

We will continue to advise our clients and customers of these changes as things progress.

In the meantime, do please contact us if you have any specific comments or questions.

Published in
2 March 2021
Last Updated
16 July 2021