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Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Portable Wheelchair Ramps are an extremely versatile form of ramp. Designed to be compact, light and easy to transport, they can be carried easily. Wheelchair users can use portable ramps to move up and down the staircases of a building or to get into a car. Wheelchair mobility ramps are a great practical solution in assisting an individual with limited mobility to get around and enjoy their freedom and independence.

Our lightweight portable wheelchair ramps provide an easy to use, easy to transport and easy to store access solution. With a folding suitcase ramp design and integrated carry handle, they provide a safe, anti-slip wheelchair access into and out of the home.

Designed to support standard UK doorway widths, our portable aluminium disabled access ramp is available in five different lengths to support different threshold heights. It is weather-proof and requires no groundworks. Simple to install and remove, the portable wheelchair ramp from Ramps For Access minimises disruption to the home.

Ramp width: 28½in (720mm)
Ramp length options: 24in to 96in (609mm to 2438mm)
Anti-slip ribbed aluminium tread plate

Ramp Calculator

If you’re not sure of the length of ramp needed, our interactive ramp calculator is a great tool to determine both the gradient and best size ramp for your needs.

Published in
25 July 2021
Last Updated
15 April 2024